Photos of Christmas Celebrations, 2001

December 23, Zelienople, PA

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Leslie Mann and Her Uncle John and Aunt Julie's Christmas Tree
Bill Mann with His Girlfriend Heather
Leslie Mann by the Fireplace
Jim, Julie and John Mann
John Mann
Bill Mann, Heather, Bill Mann, Leslie Mann

December 24, Mt. Lebanon, PA

Christmas Lights at Our House
Our Christmas Tree
Christmas Eve Dinner
I'm Wishing My Folks Merry Christmas
Leslie and Tigra

December 25, Crafton, PA

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Jim and His Christmas Tie
Quaquarucci Christmas Dinner Table
Chatting in the Living Room: Leslie Mann, Lisa Flannery, Greg Sheldon
Zach Rymniak
Quaquarucci Christmas Tree
Mary Alice Rymniak's Christmas Shirt
Lisa Flannery and Her Son Darrell

December 27, West Boylston, MA

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Ruth Trask's Christmas Tree
Bill Trask
Jim Mann
Carrie Trask with Autographed Janice Ian CDs
Ruth Trask

December 27 & 28 Lyndonville, VT

(photos only - Christmas photos end in 01.jpg)

Jacob and Arlena Welch with Carrie Trask
Hazen's Christmas Tree
Bill Trask and Jed Welch
Leah and Jessica with Arlena
Jed, Jacob & Arlena with Their Mom Andrea Welch
Sybil Hazen, Ruth and Carrie Trask, Leah and Jacob
Terry Trask and Heidi Hazen
New Hampshire Snowfield

And then there were the after Christmas parties...