Armadillocon 27, 2005:
The Lost Panel

The Lost Panel
Warren Spector (to right of Carrie just off-camera), Carrie Richerson, Beverly Hale, Martha Wells, Renee Babcock

It's kind of funny how much media programming goes on at literary cons like Armadillocon and Boskone! A. T. Campbell did a very fine job with program throughout the weekend.

I tended to go to bed pretty early at Armadillocon, as I had at Worldcon and Confluence and...(oh well...). I stopped up at the Con Suite for a few minutes then went to bed. Next morning, I got ready for my reading, but no one came (oh well, I had asked for one, and I knew that was a possibility). I went to Jim Minz's interview, which was pretty interesting. Kurt Baty, Karen Meschke, Jim and I did a panel looking back at 30 years of Worldcons, which, sadly, attracted about 4 people to the largest room. Just a note, fan items are almost always better in smaller rooms...

But most of Saturday was quite fun. Kurt Baty took Scott Bobo, Jim and me out to lunch at the Four Seasons in downtown Austin. I'd never been to a Four Seasons before, and the lunch was really superb. I later sat in the bar with some Texas fans and writers for a while just shooting the breeze and drinking more Shiner Bock. I was also in the Dealers Room quite a bit over the weekend, bought shirts from Scott and Jane Dennis, some jewelry for Leslie and a print from Brad Foster.

© 2005 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann