Shonyo Family Reunion & Bill Trask's 70th Birthday Party, August 6, 1999

I actually scanned in these photos months ago, but keep forgetting to identify them. (Yes, it was that kind of year.) Anyway...

While I've been heard to say several times over the years, "I'd rather see my relatives while they're still alive than at their funerals," my extended family just doesn't get together all that much. But in August of '98, I attended a cousin's wedding in Detroit, seeing a bunch of cousins on my Mom's side of the family for the first time in years. And I started to arrange a family reunion in Vermont for he following summer. And since my father's 70th birthday was coming up that summer, I invited his side of the family along for the ride.

Here's a shot of Crystal Lake, just over the hill from the inn we'd rented for the reunion.
Our cousins, the Hazens. From the left, Nicki's mom, Howard, Nicki, and Parker Hazen, Sybil &Skip Hazen, Nicki's dad, Andrea Hazen Welch, Heidi Hazen, Joe & Joshua Welch.
Trina Rahm with her children Margaret and Cyrus Gottlieb, and her parents Nancy Shonyo Rahm and Bob Rahm.
First row: Jim, Leslie and Laurie Mann, Winslow Trask with his daghter Anne and her husband Larry Forcier. Second row: George, Bill, Terry, Ruth, Jeff and Carrie Trask.
Brothers: George, Winslow and Bill Trask.
Ruth's first cousins: Sybil Shonyo Hazen, Ruth Shonyo Trask, Nancy Shonyo Rahm and Alice Fisher Cook Bassett. My mother only had three first cousins, and they all grew up in Lyndonville, Vermont.
Dad is looking at his birthday cards. His older brother Winslow looks on.
Howard & Nicki with Nicki's parents. Nicki never takes a bad picture!
Leslie Mann attacks her much younger cousin Margaret Gottlieb.

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