Colorado Women Take Action Following Beijing

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From: Susanna Spaulding

An active group of Colorado women is organizing ongoing activities to bring the messages of Beijing to local women and encourage their activism: There were at least 60 women from Colorado in Beijing at the NGO Forum and at the official event. Colorado's former First Lady and population activist, Dottie Lamm, was an official U.S. Representative .

Our first local event was a Post-Beijing Conference held in Denver, Colorado on October 7, 1995 and attended by over 275 Colorado women. We developed doable local actions in six major areas of concern to local women: economics, politics, education, family, health, and environment and spirituality. We taped our Conference proceedings and made them available to women and organizations in Colorado and nationally.

The mission of this Post-Beijing Conference was to bring the Beijing messages to the local level and develop actions for Colorado women to take to implement change. The proceedings of the Conference are NOW ON AUDIO TAPE. Tapes include Geust Speaker: U.S. Delegate to Beijing, Dottie Lamm; Panel discussion of Colorado women who participated in the Beijing activities; and Action Plans for Colorado women in economics, politics, education, family, health, and environment/spirituality.

Each Conference set includes two (2) tapes at $12.95/package plus $1.50 shipping and handling. Colorado residents must add $0.91 for sales tax. Contact Audio Book Connection Conference Recordings at 1-800-240-1850 for more information. 50% of the proceeds go back to the Colorado Post-Beijing Conference for future programs.

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