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Women in Film and Media Pittsburgh -
Saturday Short Film Screenings

On Saturday between 10:15AM and 1:15PM, the Summit will run a repeating loop of these mostly locally-made short films:

1. The Immaculate Reception (16:00) Charlotte Glynn
Narrative short, drama: "It's 1972 in the hardworking steel town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sixteen-year-old Joey has the chance to prove himself when his crush ends up at his house to watch the infamous football game between the Steelers and the Raiders." Written and directed by Charlotte Glynn, MFA film graduate of Columbia University named "one of ten filmmakers to watch" in 2010 by The Independent magazine.
2. Dadpranks (03:22) Nina Sarnelle
Experimental Video for Web, Digital: "A collaborative team of female artists, Dadpranks aims to create spontaneous works in a digital photographic or short video medium, addressing the mystical quality of banal everyday objects." Submitted by Nina Sarnelle, performance artist and recent MFA graduate of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Art
3. Jack & Emma Mini Series (07:45) Kati Lightholder
Web Series, Digital: "Jack and Emma have spent the last 12 years in Los Angeles chasing their dreams of screenwriting and acting, but it hasn't turned out like they planned. Now with their 30th birthdays approaching, they're moving back to their hometown and people in town are kind of flipping their lids." Created by actress and producer Kati Lightholder, graduate of Allegheny College
4. La Fuite (02:16) Alex Knell
Silent Film, Digital: "Escaping Mama - Featuring masked actors and created by recent graduates of the LASSAAD International Theater School's Lecoq movement training." Submitted by Alex Knell, Northwestern University 2010
5. Roses Are Red (12:00) Heidi Schlegel
Narrative Short, Drama, Digital: "Accused of communist behavior by her American peers, prima ballerina Marina Sadovsky must decide whether to flee before opening night or perform what could be her last shot." A Point Park University senior thesis film directed by Emily Westfield and produced by Heidi Schlegel.
6. Gas Rush Stories (08:16) Kirsi Jansa
Documentary Short, Digital: "Gas Rush Stories aims to increase awareness of the diverse impacts of shale gas drilling and to promote cooperative and constructive dialogue." Produced and shot by Kirsi Jansa with the support of The Sprout Fund, Heinz Endowments, and Pittsburgh Filmmakers
7. No One Knows (08:56) Daniel Hoyos
Narrative Short, Drama, Digital: "When twelve-year old Jason looks in his neighbor's window, he learns he's not the only kid living in an abusive environment." Written by Jamie Livingston-Dierks and produced by Daniel Hoyos.
8. My Date with Adam (14:00) Heidi Schlegel, Jennifer Taormina
Narrative Short, Comedy, Digital: "A woman finds the perfect man-- only it turns out, he's a robot." Winner of the 2013 Steeltown Competition, co-produced by Jennifer Taormina and Heidi Schlegel, written/directed by Dennis Schebetta