Day 3: Our Trip to Southern England, March 2000

by Jim Mann
Photos, links and [commentary] by Laurie Mann

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On Saturday, we spent some time wandering a few parts of London. We looked through Harrods, wandered Trafalgar Square (where I was amazed to see how big the Nelson column really is), and visited several bookstores.

In the afternoon, we looked around the Museum of Natural History. It is an interesting building, with a far more interesting and ornate architecture than one normally sees with museums. They have an interesting dinosaur collection (though it's not as good as the one at the American Museum of Natural History in New York). They do have a very good display of marine reptile skeletons, as well as a good collection of modern mammals.

Dinner was at Porters, where I had steak-and-kidney pudding, real ale, and, for desert, Spotted Dick (a favorite of Jack Aubrey). After dinner, we saw H.M.S. Pinafore at the Savoy Theatre. It was a nice performance, and an enjoyable end to another great (and tiring) day.

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