Sing-a-long in the Hay-Adams Bar: My Trip to the 2009 Inauguration
Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial

Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial

I kept looking around to see if there was any way to get any closer to the Lincoln Memorial. There wasn't - even a half hour before the beginning of the concert, the Lincoln Memorial area was completely filled.

Laurie Mann at the Inaugural Concert

I bought little souvenirs all weekend long, but I found that sequined purple cap on the sidewalk while I was walking to the concert. I realized it was brand new, so I held onto it for a while to see if anyone walked back up the street looking for it. When no one did, I put it on. I'm not really into sequins, but it was much warmer than my cap so I put it on whenever I got cold.

Even though I'd only been outside about an hour, I was feeling really cold and tired. Since I wasn't going to get any closer to the concert than a Jumbotron, I decided to go off in search of a bar with a TV. I knew there were several hotels with bars off of Lafayette Sq., so that's where I headed.

© 2009 Photos by Laurie D. T. Mann