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Since 1997, Jim and I have pretty consistently been at Worldcon, which means we rarely see my family in late August and early September. Both my brothers and my dad celebrate birthdays during that time. So I got my father and youngest brother Terry to come into Boston around Worldcon so I could treat them to lunch. My other brother, Jeff, lives outside of the area, so we didn't expect to see him during our time in Massachusetts in August.

Jess and Ruth Trask, May 2004
Celebrating Bill Trask's 75th at Durgin Park
The Back of Fanuiel Hall Marketplace From Atlantic Avenue and the Boston Custom House
Views of Boston Harbor
Why We Weren't at the Northboro Rod and Gun Club on Saturday, September 4
My Neice Leah in the Prudential Center Garden
The Birthday Boy and Family Visit the Moon
Visiting the Mended Drum
Sisters-in-Law and the Black Unicorn in the Mended Drum
Two Former Stratus Employees: Terry Trask and Kurt Baty