Two Pittsburghers in Hollywood:
Who Was that Miked Man?

Who Was that Miked Man?

As you've probably noticed, most photos of the happenings on the stage were fairly blurry. That's because there were many people in the hall, and I was near the middle during the photo-taking sessions.

During the night, I kept looking off to the far side of the stage, trying to figure out who was broadcasting from one corner of the stage. It turned out to be Tom Brook, presenter for BBC's Talking Movies. Since most folks in the crowd don't watch BBCAmerica, I was able to get pretty close to Tom and get a clear shot!

When Laura and I staggered back to our hotel, it was almost 3AM - 6AM Eastern Time. I was still pretty wired from the night and didn't wind up sleeping for as long as I would have liked!

© 2004 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann (AKA JRandomRohirrim on TORN)