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Instead of just throwing a birthday party, Priscilla Olson decided to throw herself a convention for her 50th birthday.

Welcome to Priscillacon!

A Selection of Desserts
A Selection of Main Courses
Kelly Persons and Leslie Turek in the Media Room
Specialty Chopped Liver
Priscilla Olson, Jim Mann, Bonnie Atwood and Sheila Perry
Ann and Tim's Priscillacon Tree
Rick Katze, Deb Geisler, Elaine Brennan, Sharon Sbarsky
Kelly Persons, Elaine Brennan, Deb Geisler, Tony Lewis, Jim Mann, Scott Dennis, Bonnie Atwood
Priscilla Olson Gives Her Guest of Honor Speech
Leslie Turek, Alice Lewis, (Ann Broomhead), Suford Lewis, Tony Lewis, Bonnie Atwood, Alexis Layton
Bonnie Atwood, Alexis Layton, Tim Szeuzuiel, Sheila Perry, Pam Fremon
Ben Yalow and Deb Geisler
Rick Katze, Priscilla Olson, Leslie Turek, Alice Lewis
Priscilla Olson Displays Buggy Paper from the Andersons, Leslie Turek
Priscilla Olson Looks Death in the Face

Two nights later, most of us got together again to ring in the New Year:

Elegant Ladies: Edie Stern, Elisabeth Carey, Laurie Mann
Pam Fremon and Gay Ellen Dennett
Ann Broomhead, Elisabeth Carey, Seth Breidbart, Lisa Hertel
Mark Hertel and Sharon Sbarsky
Edie Stern and Joe Siclari
Edie Stern, Joe Siclari, Mark Olson, Seth Briedbart, Lisa Hertel
Rick Katze (beardless for the first time in many years, he looks like Jim Broadbent) and Joe Siclari
Gary McGath, Bonnie and Ted Atwood, Ann Broomhead
Deb 'n' Mike's Menorah
Leslie Turek and Jim Mann
Countdown to Midnight: Sheila Perry, Seth Breidbart, Sharon Sbarsky, Joe Siclari, Edie Stern, Alexis Layton, Tony Lewis, Rick Katze, Leslie Turek, Suford Lewis, Gary McCath, Ted Atwood
Mike Benveniste, Deb Geisler, Mark Olson and Priscilla Olson