Armadillocon 27, 2005:
Fannish Feud: New Guests Versus Old

Fannish Feud:  New Guests Versus Old
Laurie (taking photo) and Jim Mann, Ctein, Charles Stross, Jim Minz vs.
John Picacio, Cary Osborne, Aaron de Orive, Sharon Shinn, Scott Bobo

The "polls" for the game were conducted at Worldcon in Scotland and early in Armadillocon in Texas. So, from time to time, we tried to figure what a fan in Scotland would be more likely to respond, and what a fan in Texas would be more likely to respond in answer to the poll questions. At times, we thought way too hard about the answers... At other times, we remembered to answer "Walter Jon Williams." ;->

It was a very close game, particularly when Walter Jon handed the "oldsters" some free points (I'd tried to "bribe" Walter Jon and Renee (aka "Vanna") with beer, but they were unmoved). The oldsters beat us newbies by a few points.

We organized a dinner group with Karen Meschke, Grant Kruger, Renee Babcock, and Bill Parker. We went over to the Japanese place up the street. It was quite different from all the Tex/Mex and Cajun food we'd been having the rest of the weekend!

After dinner, I was the "token" unsold novelist on a panel called "How to Finish that Novel." I, at least, had finished my novel (or had finished the first half of it, depending). The panel had some useful information on being more disciplined about your writing.

After the panel, the parties were starting, so I went up to the Denver in 2008 party and gave Kent a hand at the sales table. I spent a pleasant hour talking with various folks, and sold a pre-support.

© 2005 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann