Armadillocon 27, 2005:
Charles Stross Prepares to Read

Charles Stross Prepares to Read

I got up early, did some writing in the lobby, and talked for a while with Fred Duarte, Tom Becker and Pat Mueller (having seen Maddie and "her posse" at the Denver party briefly on Saturday night). Later, Jim and I went over to Owens for breakfast. Owens is Texan for Bob Evans, though you never would get breakfast pork chops at Bob Evans. While Owens was pretty good and the assistant manager was quite friendly, the biscuits, were distinctly better at Bob Evans.

My last panel was an informal panel on Web site development, with John Picacio, Carrie Richerson and Kimm Antell. I've been on a number of Web panels over the years, and while there are sometimes disagreements on how best to do sites, Web developers tend to be fairly polite about their differences.

I went to some interesting panels on writing and selling novels on Sunday, then sat back for Charlie Stross's reading. For some reason, he does look like Jesus at the Last Supper in this photo, but I don't recall that he was speaking particularly religiously...;-> He read a story about a man who gets a wish from a devil (which was quite amusing) and another one that I, unfortunately, was kind of tired during and wound up dozing through.

After Charlie's reading, I hung out in the bar, had a beer and some popcorn with some folks, and met-up with Jim for dinner.

© 2005 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann