Armadillocon 27, 2005:
Welcome to Armadillocon Panel

Welcome to Armadillocon Panel
Panelists: Elizabeth Burton, , C. J. Mills, Bradley Denton, Scott Bobo

Armadillocon has a bunch of great ideas, but I particularly enjoyed the "Welcome to Armadillocon" panel (even if I was just there for the last 15 minutes or so). Bradley Denton brought beer, Scott Bobo mixed martinis, it was a fun way to talk about Armadillocon.

Jim and I were eager to try Papadeaux's, a Cajun/Creole seafood place next to the hotel, so we went out to an early dinner. The restaurant was huge, the portions were pretty big, but because we went early, we were there and back again much more quickly than we'd imagined (it didn't start to get overly mobbed there until after 6).

© 2005 Photo by Laurie D. T. Mann