Our New House: Before and After, 2006 - 2008 Photos

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April 18, 2006 House Photos
April 9, 2006 House Photos

April, 2006October, 2006December, 2007
House from Front, 3/25/2006 House from Front, 10/03/2006 House from Front, 12/05/2007
We moved here in early May 2006. The lawn was finally blown in mid-June over two days. The front lawn was mostly dead by late July; everything blown in the first day died of "red thread" some sort of fungus. The back lawn, which was blown in the second day, was fine. We replanted some of the grass ourselves, and the lawn is coming back, but unevenly. We've been doing bush and flower planting gradually since June. We finally planted the tree on the left in late September 2006, and the tree on the right in September 2007.
Front Hill Flowers New House, 3/25/2006 New House, 3/25/2006 New House, 3/25/2006
Everything in this row was taken in early October 2006. We haven't had a freeze yet, so everything is still blooming. I'm not sure what the flowers in the middle are; I'm fond of multi-colored flowers and these certainly are. We created a pseudo-patio near the front door. It's a nice place to sit and read the mail, except that it sloped downward. We had a back deck built in April 2007 and added a basketball hoop in April 2008.
House from Back, 3/25/2006 House from Back, 10/03/2006 House from Back, 5/15/2007 Basketball Hoop, 4/22/2008 We finally had some rooms painted something other than white in the fall of 2006.
Dining Room, 4/06 Dining Room, 11/2006
Dining Room Stairs, 11/06 Downstairs Powder Room, 11/2006