My Boskone 2011 Schedule

I'm going to be managing the Den for the most part (so while I'll look like I'm in hiding, I'm actually just working). Luckily, Mark Olson and Joann Cox have popped me on a couple of panels:

Friday 6pm Avatar vs All Comers

F. Brett Cox
Walter H. Hunt
Laurie Mann (M)
Joan Slonczewski
Allen M. Steele

So is Avatar the Most Awesome SF Film Evah? What else beats riding flying dragons in 3D??? To be fair, we'll let partisans of flicks such as 2001, Blade Runner, Gattaca, and Inception attempt to make their cases too.

Friday 9pm For Fringe Fans

Bob Devney
Daniel Kimmel
Jim Mann (M)
Laurie Mann

TV's cross between The X-Files and The Twilight Zone just keeps getting richer and stranger. It's got a great mad scientist and a hot FBI agent or two. Plus it's based in Boston (and, of course, alternate NYC ). Where is Fringe going? Why do we love it so?

Saturday 11am Boskone 101

Laurie Mann
Priscilla Olson

C'mon in if you're new to SF conventions in general, or to this con in particular. We'll provide some Qs for your As. Where are all the Spock ears and fur bikinis? What exactly is a Boskone—or a bid table, kaffeeklatsch, filker, huckster, or SMOF? What happens where, and when? Where do you eat? What events should you be sure to catch? When you meet your favorite writer, artist, or musician, is it appropriate to squee?

Sunday 2pm Lewis: Absent Friends

Alan F. Beck, Laurie Mann, Joe Siclari

Frank Frazetta, Martin Gardner, James Hogan, Satoshi Kon, Neil Barron, E. C. Tubb,Jennifer Rardin, Ralph M. Vicinanza, Glen GoodKnight, John Steakley, Jerry Weist, Brian Jacques, and Ann Cecil are no longer with us. Other writers, artists, fans, and well-recalled members of our community have also died since last we met. Let's remember a little of what they did, and what they meant to us.