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Want to display a frequently-updated list of interesting famous people who have recently died? There are four ways to display this information:

Link straight to the home page:

 <a href="">

Include this short JavaScript anywhere at your site:

 <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You'll get a list of the recently dead that looks something like this:

You can reset the background color to anything you want in your CSS file by changing the definition of the "side" attribute.

Display it from your My Yahoo account, by adding the "Latest Deaths from Dead People Server" newsfeed to your My Yahoo page. Just select this icon to add the newsfeed:

MyYahoo Newsfeed to Dead People Server

Dead People Server Weekly provides a "blast from the past" with links to entries of people who've died over the last 50 years which you can add to your My Yahoo page:

MyYahoo Newsfeed to Dead People Server Weekly

You can always link to individual records in the database. Say you want to link to the record for Anthony Perkins. Create a link as follows:

 <a href="">Tony Perkins</a>

I'm a strong supporter of linking, and I encourage you to link to any page at that you like. Don't ask for permission for links - link away!

You'll never see a pop-up ad, trapping frame or other obnoxious Web behavior. I also don't plan to change to URLs to existing pages again (in fact, the URLs been fairly stable since I bought the domain in 1999) And to combat other people's trapping frames, all of the pages on have frame-breakout scripts.

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