West Boylston Jr.-Sr. High School Class of 1975
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Earlier in the fall, Lynn Esonis started organizing a class reunion. She looked around and went with Boston Billiard Club in Worcester. About 30 of us said we'd be there (though a few didn't make it to Worcester due to weather problems Saturday afternoon). My husband Jim and I met up with Lynn and Jim Swalec and started to play some pool. Soon enough, Debbie Rawson and Barbara Daly arrived, and we spent most of the rest of the evening talking, drinking and eating rather than playing pool. Gary Freeman treated us to pizza and Jim and I bought nachos. We left around 10 as we had a long drive back to Pittsburgh the next day, but most people were still there.

Bonnie Aharonian and Lisa
Bonnie Aharonian, Laurie Trask (Gary Freeman's girlfriend Dee is in the background)
The Reunion Widows Pool Game
Scott Townsend, Linda Benoit Rayworth, Doug Rayworth, Laural Sjogren
Debbie Rawson, Laural Sjogren
Lynn Esonis and Joan Titus
Bob Catalani, Paul Goyette, Ralph Nilsson, Kevin Vail, Jim Swalec