Submit a Special Interest Group Request to the Millennium Philcon Tardis & Couch Division

For a very skeletal schedule, see Preliminary Schedule.

If you're a part of a group, club or any other special interest group, and you would like to have a meeting at the Millennium Philcon, the form is now closed as the the Pocket Program is now closed. SIGs may be scheduled at the con on a space-available basis; contact the Information Booth at the con for more information.

SIG meetings may be held in smallish rooms (for 50 or less) in the Marriott during the day, in the Fan Lounge, or may be held in function rooms in the convention center at night (for 50 or more). There is also a large open space appropriate for group masquerade rehearsals, exercising, dancing, et.c.

We have a limited number of slots (especially on Thursday) so please try to limit your request to one, one-hour slot.