Private: Millennium Philcon Scheduling Form

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Private: Millennium Philcon Function Room Basic Setup Information - "Quick List".
If you are not a committee member, and you want to schedule a special interest group, use the SIG Schedule Form.

Contact Name
Recommended Room (default function/setup)
Recommended Day Recommended  Item Start      Recommended Item End
Short Name Short name for convention video screens and Pocket Program
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Room Set Special Set-up Add description to Comments
Program Type
Main Program Autographing New Fan/Pro Orientation
Demo (art, tech, etc.) Slide Show Dialog/Interview
Discussion Group Literary Beer Improvisational Topic/Performance
Game Show Literary Tea Program for Young Adults/Kids
Kaffeeklatsch Exercise or Dance Book/Story Discussion Group
Reading Art Show Docent Tour Exhibits Docent Tour
Film Video Anime
Adult Writers' Workshop Teen Writers' Workshop Educators' Workshop
Art Workshop Costume Workshop Con- running Workshop
Music Workshop Other Workshop SIG - Special Interest Group (Use SIG Form instead)
Subject Area
Anime Folklore/Myth Ben Franklin Past Views of the Future
Art Gaming Philadelphia Educator/Developing Young Readers
Beer Hard SF Gay/Lesbian Writing (business)
Comics Criticism Publishing Writing (technique)
Buffy Horror Star Trek Computers Internet
Fandom Kid's Lit Star Wars Costuming
Fantasy Poetry Academic Fannish Parents/Kids
Feminism Medicine Technology Convention Planning/Management
Filk Films Fan Pubbing Television
Fan History History Milford/Clarion Science
Precis Short description of the item for the Pocket Program.
Questions (Optional - for main program only) A few questions aimed at the panelists to give them starting points for the item.