Millennium Philcon Function Room Setup Information

Now that MilPhil is over, this is an inactive form

The room list shows the default area owner and the default set-up.

Contact Name Department
Phone E-mail
Set-up     For default room set-up, see rooms.html.     Start Day      End Day
Setup Start Time      Teardown End Time      Item Start      Item End Time
Item Post as
Room Set Special Set-up Add description to Comments      Number Stacked Chairs
Number Tables 30"x6' Rect Skirt?    18"x6' Rect Skirt?    30"x8' Rect Skirt?    18"x8' Rect Skirt?
4' Round Skirt?    6' Round Skirt?    Cabaret (Small) Round Skirt?    3' Square Skirt?
Equipment Put number beside any additional equipment you need. Note the default room set-up for default AV equipment already set in each room. Extra charges will apply.
Easel    Flip Chart    Corkboard    White Board
Microphone    Screen    Slide Projector    TV/VCR    Video Cart 
Rope & stanchion (in ft.)    Pipe & 4' drape (in ft.)    Pipe & 6' drape (in ft.)    Pipe & 8' drape (in ft.)
Phone (inside)    Phone (outside)    Other
Catering Coffee/tea set-up & time

Add any other Catering information to Comments.

Security (access control, rekeying, security guards, et.c.)

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