Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) - Third Floor
We have all rooms in the PCC from Tuesday, August 28-Tuesday, September 4.
We can run things in the PCC from about 8:30am until 11:30pm - no 24-hour events in the PCC.
BanquetSuggested Set-up, Notes
PCC Kaffee KlatchesKaffee KlatchesN/AN/A60-100The location of this is still uncertain -- it may be on the 3rd floor of the PCC in the food court, or it may be somewhere in the Marriott. We need 4 tables that seat 10 people each, and nearby water set-ups. If this is in the PCC, it may be a cluster of round tables up in the Food Court.
C 300Office4163723See description from Office.
C 301Office4353723See description from Office.
C 302Newsletter Office4353723See description from Newsletter.
C 303ANewsletter/Exhibits Office6335435See description from Newsletter/Exhibits.
C 303BExhibits Office6335435See description from Exhibits.
C 304Green Room>1300N/A150Eight round tables set for ten in the room, with three rectangular tables by the doors, one large trash set-up, one large water set-up in hallway, additional catering info to be supplied by Green Room.
C 305Program Operations4163723 8 rectangular tables, 10 chairs.
C 306Press Office4163723See description from Press.
C 307Press Office126610870See description from Press.
Comfy Chairs A place to sit down and relax
Escalator Escalator between 2 and 3
We do not have this space.